TOP 30 All-time Highest Rating TV Shows based from overnight tabulation of AGB in Mega Manila as of July 1, 2008

1. The Battle:Pacquiao vs. Morales (ABS-CBN) (83.5%)
2. Rosalinda (ABS-CBN) (69.8%)
3. Meteor Garden (ABS-CBN) (63.8%)
4. Esperanza (ABS-CBN) (63.5%)
5. Ms. Universe (1994,ABS-CBN) (62.5%)
6. Pangako Sa ‘Yo (ABS-CBN)(62.1%)
7. Marimar (RPN9) (61.7%)
8. Maria Mercedes (ABS-CBN) (59.7%)
9. Ms. Universe (1999,RPN9) (58.4%)
10. Bubble Gang (GMA) (57.6%)
11. Maalala mo kaya (ABS-CBN) (57.3%)
12. Balitang K (ABS-CBN) (56.6%)
13. Wansapanatym (ABS-CBN) (56.4%)
14. TV Patrol (ABS-CBN) (56%)
15. I-Witness (GMA) (55.3%)
16. Magandang Gabi Bayan (ABS-CBN) (55%)
17. Mula sa Puso (ABS-CBN) (53.7%)
18. Pacquiao vs. Barrera (RPN9) (52.9%)
19. Marimar Finale(GMA) (52.6%)/2005 SEA Games (ABC-5) (52.6%)
20. Basta’t Kasama kita (ABS-CBN) (52.5%)
21. Star Circle Quest (ABS-CBN) (52.3%)
22. Darna (GMA) (52.1%)
23. F.l.a.m.e.s (ABS-CBN) (51.9%)
24. Encantadia (GMA) (51.7%)
25. Marina (ABS-CBN)(50.8%)
26. Pinoy Big Brother (ABS-CBN) (50.4%)
27. Will To Win II: Pacquiao vs. Barrera (GMA-7) (50%)
28. Marimar (GMA) (49.5%)
29. Mojacko (GMA) (49%)
30. Unfinished Business: Marquez-Pacquiao II (GMA) (48.5%)

Source: AGB via PEP

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8 Responses

  1. As of July 1, 2008? Bakit may 1994?

  2. galing tlga ng primetime teserye queen, drama princess young superstar na c juday ibig sabhin ang esperanza ang highest teserye rating off all time wew galing ah certified young superstar w0w!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ang galing talaga ng abs-cbn…….,.

  4. parang di ata tama ung list ah.
    Marimar ni marian rivera dalawa ang entries?
    ung isa, ung 52.6 at ung isa, 49.5
    ano ba ang pinag-uusapan dito? average rating diba?
    at HINDI highest rating achieved.
    UNFAIR naman ata sa rosalinda na madalas makakuha ng 40-50% na ratings everynight. edi dapat halos mapuno na ng rosalinda ang listahan na yan.
    ung 69.8 percent ng rosalinda, average yan.
    asan na ung 60%+ na ratings niyan at pati ung 70%+

    • huh>>>binsa mo ba mabuti???ung isang marimar sa rpn 9 ung orig..ung pekeng marimar ni mariane ung mas mababa…mgbasa nga ng di nttwag na bobo.

  5. i wish that abs-cbn will also show starlit and down with love starring jerry yan.

  6. ABS-CBN is # 1, there is no question to that, every Filipino in and out of the country knows that by heart. C’mon, what is Phillipine tv w/o the shows Mara Clara, Mula Sa Puso, Pangako Sa’yo, Rosalinda, Meteor Garden, Star Circle Quest, Pinoy Big Brother, Game KNB & The Buzz?? If you have not watched any of these shows, damn you missed half of being a Filipino and being part of this generation. Honestly, all the undisputed & timeless shows, the best celebrities, the most talented young stars & famous product endorsers are all in ABS-CBN. GMA Mgt., Joey deLeon and their fans can say anything they want, but no one can change the course of history…the people of ABS-CBN has worked hard for this for sure & that hard work didn’t go unnoticed by most Filipinos. You are # 1 in our hearts ABS-CBN!! Thank you for the awesome entertainment. Thank you for the memories. Mind you, I won’t thank GMA7 for the never-ending remake of Darna and Captain Barbel, for the irritating loudness of their reigning star Marian Rivera, for the mouth of Joey deLeon & for Starstruck that didn’t seem to be a reality-talent show like what they were trying to imply. I think, this message mirrors what happened to Philippine tv for the past 20 years. Accept it, or probably, just face it, its really ABS-CBN that holds the crown. Their stations ID’s are even putting a tear on my face, that is how or how should a tv station touch your hearts, not just by listening or agreeing to whatever Joey deLeon is saying on national tv, things that he doesn’t even need to say if he is a real men and real artist or “Kapuso”, un b ang mga kapuso? bitter at matabil and dila? Damn, you can all be better than that. Watch ABS-CBN to get some values and reputation.

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